NETBIT INTERNET Pricing per 01/03/2019 (adjusted for inflation)
Netbit is your experienced partner for reliable, quality, Managed Internet services with top-notch support. All services include FREE support, 24/7.


•Domain Registrations (.COM/.NET/.ORG/.INFO/.NL /.BE /.CO.UK/ .DE /.EU), per year Euro 18,50. Registration only (Parking).

MANAGED Domain Registrations (.COM/.NET/.ORG/.INFO/.NL /.BE /.CO.UK/ .DE /.EU), per year Euro 26,50 Includes Privacy Protection, 301 forwarding and Anti-Spam configuration.

•Specific Domain Forwarding, per year, per domain, Euro 26,50

•Domain Registrations .NL (EU Corporate Customers only) including 24/7 support and DNS modifications, per year Euro 35,-. Includes Privacy Protection, DNS Management and Anti-Spam Measures.

• Other extensions/ TLD’s : Please ask for information!

The above costs refer to REGISTRATION and RENEWAL of domains.

RESTORATION of a domain after its expiration date will incur a fixed one-time fee based on the relevant TLD.  The fee is currently: Euro 100,-


•Encrypted File Storage, (SFTP) per month. Euro 9,- up to 50 Gb.

•Enterprise Archive Data Storage, (Cloud based, encrypted storage with historical search) Euro 18,- per month up to 100 Gb. (higher capacity on request)

•BASIC Hosting Container, per year, Euro 92,50 low traffic, no technical support. **

•BUSINESS Hosting Container per year Euro 215,-  medium traffic, incl. SSL and 4/24 support option. (response within 4 hours, fix within 24 hours)

•WEBSHOP Hosting Container per year Euro 245,- unlimited traffic, incl. SSL and 4 /8 support option. (response within 4 hours, fix within 8 hours)

•BLOG/Wordpress Hosting per year, 125,- including automated updates and security audits.

•Basic level SSL Certificate , per year 61,50 (for basic hosting only!)**

•Enterprise level SSL Certificate (Comodo,EV, incl. IP number), per year 215,-.

•Standard E-Mail account, 25Gb capacity mailbox,
(Including Webmail, Antivirus and Spamfiltering). Euro 8,- per month.
•Enterprise E-Mail account, 50Gb capacity mailbox,
(Including Webmail, Antivirus and Spamfiltering). Euro 10,50 per month.

•DNS/Domain adjustments  Euro 16,- per domain.

•Emergency/ Priority Helpdesk weekdays, (billed per 15 mins.) Euro 65,- per hour

•Emergency/ Priority Helpdesk weekends and evenings,(billed per 15 mins.) Euro 90,- per hour

•Scheduled Live Support/Remote assistance, per hour (billed per 15 mins.) Euro 37,50

•Programming and consultancy (billed per 15 mins.) Euro 75,- per hour.
For additional questions or requirements please use the contact form.

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