NETBIT INTERNET Pricing per 01/01/2019 
Netbit is your experienced partner for reliable, quality, Managed Internet services with top-notch support. All services include FREE support, 24/7.


•Domain Registrations (.COM/.NET/.ORG/.INFO/.NL /.BE /.CO.UK/ .DE /.EU), per year Euro 18,-. Registration only.

MANAGED Domain Registrations (.COM/.NET/.ORG/.INFO/.NL /.BE /.CO.UK/ .DE /.EU), per year Euro 26,-. Includes Privacy Protection and Anti-Spam configuration.

•Domain Forwarding, per year, per domain, Euro 24,-

•Domain Registrations .NL (EU Corporate Customers only) including 24/7 support and DNS modifications, per year Euro 45,-. Includes Privacy Protection, DNS Management and Anti-Spam Measures.

• Other extensions/ TLD’s : Please ask for information!

The above costs refer to REGISTRATION and RENEWAL of domains.

RESTORATION of a domain after its expiration date will incur a fixed one-time fee based on the relevant TLD.  The fee is currently: Euro 99,-


•Encrypted File Storage, (SFTP) per month. Euro 8,50 up to 50 Gb.

•Enterprise Archive Data Storage, (Cloud based, encrypted storage with historical search) Euro 17,50 per month up to 100 Gb. (higher capacity on request)

•BASIC Hosting Container, per year, Euro 99,- low traffic, no technical support. **

•BUSINESS Hosting Container per year Euro 210,-  medium traffic, incl. SSL and 4/24 support option. (response within 4 hours, fix within 24 hours)

•WEBSHOP Hosting Container per year Euro 240,- unlimited traffic, incl. SSL and 4 /8 support option. (response within 4 hours, fix within 8 hours)

•BLOG/Wordpress Hosting per year, 120,- including automated updates and security audits.

•Basic level SSL Certificate , per year 60,- (for basic hosting only!)**

•Enterprise level SSL Certificate (Comodo,EV, incl. IP number), per year 210,-.

•Standard E-Mail account, 25Gb capacity mailbox,
(Including Webmail, Antivirus and Spamfiltering). Euro 7,50 per month.
•Enterprise E-Mail account, 50Gb capacity mailbox,
(Including Webmail, Antivirus and Spamfiltering). Euro 10,- per month.

•DNS/Domain adjustments  Euro 15,- per domain.

•Emergency/ Priority Helpdesk weekdays, (billed per 15 mins.) Euro 62,50,- per hour

•Emergency/ Priority Helpdesk weekends and evenings,(billed per 15 mins.) Euro 90,- per

•Scheduled Live Support/Remote assistance, per hour (billed per 15 mins.) Euro 35,-

•Programming and consultancy (billed per 15 mins.) Euro 70,- per hour.
For additional questions or requirements please use the contact form.