At Netbit Internet do our best to give quality support to our customers without all the fuss of SLA contracts or other expensive options. As an existing customer we simply guarantee you a reaction within 4 hours and a fix within 8 hours for errors occuring on our systems. If it takes us longer you earn credit based on your contract with us.

Customer SupportBasic product support is FREE of charge. Where the problem is attributed to user error, a configuration problem or hardware/software problem on your side, we will first try to fix the problem for you by phone or remote login.If the problem is attributable to your internet connection we will also try to help identify where the problem is and if possible fix it for you or at least give you guidance on how to resolve the problem.

In all cases we will carry out a detailed check of your hardware and software, advise you of necessary updates or security problems and double check the settings and quality of your Internet connection (if this has been a source of problems).

From our experience, 97% of all problems are fixed within 1 hour!

For problems outside our direct responsibility a standard hourly fee is charged based on the type of assistance we give you. The standard fee is Euro 62,50 per hour before taxes. We also offer limited emergency Hardware and repair services for PC and Apple platforms, as well as remote helpdesk and troubleshooting.

TIP: If you work from home we can also help you to improve your basic IT environment and keep it virtually problem-free.

Administration Our office deals with the administration. All invoices are sent electronically (PDF) and payment must be made in advance for all subscription based services. Contracts for domains and hosting services run for a minimum of 1 year unless otherwise agreed. The notice period for cancellation is 3 months, starting from the 1st day of the current or next full month.

Technical Support Technical support and helpdesk is available via e-mail, messaging or telephone by prior arrangement only.

Payment for Services

We have strict rules regarding billing of services.

If payment is overdue we reserve the right to disable, block or cancel services that are running on our systems. You will receive a maximum of 3 warnings/reminders.

In the case of repeated failure to meet your commitments the services will be cancelled and your data erased. We make no exceptions.

For telephone support you need to be an existing customer, in which case we will provide a number for you to call.

For any questions just use the contact form.

Contracts and Cancellations

N.B.: Standard notice period for cancelling any contract is 3 calendar months. At the end of this period all services will remain deactivated for 7 days and then deleted. This time period is essential to ensure smooth transition of domain, hosting and e-mail services with minimal disruption to your customers and SEO.

Physical hosting or e-mail may be transferred with a 1 month period but are subject to an extra system administration charge of 35,- per service or account. Any disruption or problems arising from this choice then fall entirely under your own responsibility.

Domain Support Information (ICANN)

Due to contractual obligations towards ICANN, We must provide links on the website to ICANN information for registrants of all relevant domains.

Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities page
Registrants Educational Materials page


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