As well as standard Internet products, we offer unique support services to our customers.

Pricing depends on category of product, but we always give you a clear quote or estimate before any commitment.

Standard Products

  • Domain Registration, monitoring and DNS Management
  • Managed Hosting
  • State of the Art hosting solutions
  • SSL Certificates
  • Enterprise level E-Mail
  • Enterprise level Data Archiving with historical search
  • Remote Systems administration and troubleshooting
  • Webdesign and E-Commerce advice
  • Cloud Based Services (Platform Independent)
  • E-Mail archiving and compliance services (ISO 27001)
  • Security advice
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Netbit prides itself on the reliability of it’s services. You will notice that more than 20 years of valuable experience is very evident. We have invested heavily in new technology.


From the outside, our email services look similar to those of other providers. The big difference is behind the scenes in the quality of infrastructure and customer support. Being specialised in the corporate market, we are committed to keeping your email secure and accessible 24 hours a day. The bespoke email platform is fully redundant and load balanced, on top of that it is spread over multiple datacenters.The email services are fully hosted at a secure, dedicated e-mail facility, so not bundled together in a cheap package on a single webserver.


Corporate IT-usage is about accessibility and performance. Your website needs to be available 24/7 and it needs to process requests quickly and efficiently. Our virtualised hosting platform has been designed for an unmatched level of reliability.

In 2015 our current hosting platform even won a prestigious award in the Netherlands for quality and reliability.
The hosting platform has the flexibility of servers in multiple datacenters at geographically separated locations and with daily backups. Webshops are supported by robust DNS and SSL.
All our Hosting variants (Windows or LINUX) run on the acclaimed and reliable Microsoft Hyper-V platform. In 2019 we will introduce a new hosting platform based on BlockChain technologies.


Even though the actual registering of a domain has a low cost, the market value can be as high as your brand or trademark. Reason enough to make sure you have the proper domain names including any variations you might need, and to have its registration details and associated security 100% in order.

We automatically take care of your registration renewals and we also take action if there are fraudulent attempts to move/register your domain without your permission or to attack it with unsolicited mails.

This is the reason we don’t do cut price deals on domains.  A lot of work and monitoring is required in the background and the risk is just not worth it.

We support all conventional and some lesser known top level domains.


The other very important aspect that is often forgotten is that the domain name servers (DNS) of the ISP in where your domain is hosted should be reliable. When an email or a webpage request does not find a DNS server or  connects to a server that has been incorrectly configured, you are untraceable and therefore ‘invisible’ on the Internet.

We use a set of multi layered and secured DNS servers based on the latest technologies. This way, your email will always be delivered and your website will always be accessible.

We also manage changes in DNS settings for corporate customers ensuring valuable ‘uptime’ along with accurate adjustments and a secure environment. With the current use of ‘Apps’ and social networks, it is also important to be aware of new protocols, trends and procedures to fully support these services.

Any changes or adjustments we make are virtually immediate and problem free.

Netbit Internet: 100% Customer friendly-more than 25 years experience-Fast support