Netbit Internet is an experienced provider of quality Managed Internet Services and started business in 1995 as a full service Internet Bureau under the name Internet Bureau Pagemasters.

**BREXIT UPDATE, PLEASE NOTE: UK Customers can register or transfer .EU domains through us and we will act as custodian and manager so you lose none of the advantages of running an EU domain. Multiple domains or large portfolio no problem. Contact us for info.**

Starting with classic in-house server based hosting in 1995, we have since progressed through the rapid evolution of virtualisation and are now turning our attention to a self-healing “GRID” hosting solution supported by Blockchain technologies.

Our goal today is the same as it has always been, to provide reliable Internet Services for a sensible price with friendly, speedy customer support but without the confusing jargon.

We specialise in supporting SME /MKB from 1 up to 50 workplaces.
Our slogan is “Internet for busy people” and we really mean that. Time is money!..so..you get on and take care of your daily business and we will look after the technical side.It does not matter where your data is hosted, we will take care of it for you saving you valuable time and relieving you of the stress. We will also manage your security concerns and any other problems that may occur along the way.
Our dependable (ISO 27001 Certified) cloud-based hosting, robust and proven enterprise level e-mail systems and state of the art technologies support the modern business owner with all the right ingredients for online success and a productive workday. Simply put, if you are not “online” then you are unreachable!

We are experienced in supporting Banking and Insurance sectors as well as International Import/Export operations, Publishing Houses, Webshops, Healthcare organisations, multinationals and NGO’s. With multiple strategically placed datacenter locations, we guarantee your uptime. Online Support is 24/7 for existing customers and we also provide a telephone hotline. You can use English, German or Dutch languages to contact us. For any questions please use our contact form.

Netbit Internet: 100% Customer friendly-more than 25 years experience-Fast support